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HTTP/2 for a Faster Web

HTTP/2 is a long overdue update for the Web. As it becomes widely adopted over the next few years, websites will become faster and more capable than ever before. Learn why HTTP/2 is a significant step forward for the entire Web.

URL Anatomy with SEO Tips

URLs describe the location of a web page or other resources. To help explain the various components, we break down an example URL and explain each part. The article then provides tips to create SEO friendly URLs.

HTTPS Everywhere

Since Google’s I/O developer conference in June 2014, the tech giant has been encouraging the use of HTTPS everywhere. This article expands on the base concepts outlined in HTTPS Fundamentals and then examines why HTTPS is important for all pages of all websites, even when there is no sensitive information to protect.

HTTPS Fundamentals

We explain how HTTPS differs from regular HTTP and with visual examples from the five most common browsers, you will learn how to identify websites that implement HTTPS correctly. We then discuss the basics of Extended Validation (EV) certificates and knowing when HTTPS is important.

Google’s Privacy Challenge

This article is about Google's privacy issues and the rise of a new search engine called DuckDuckGo. It is a bit opinionated and possibly controversial to some, but a serious topic certainly worthy of discussion.