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What we have to offer.

Handcrafted website displayed on an array of devices.

Handcrafted Websites

Your business is unique. It stands apart from its competitors in meaningful ways that need to be communicated clearly and concisely to your customers, clients and prospects. Generic templates and do-it-yourself software either do not have what you need, or are so complex they become unreasonably time consuming to learn.

This is where Cascading Media steps in. Our business centers around converting your business objectives into professionally crafted websites that look great and perform beautifully across all major desktop browsers, tablet computers and smart phones.

Web Application Development

Web Applications

There are two classes of websites we can build for your business – Sites and Web Applications. Sites are appropriate for small quantities of content that do not need to be updated very often. The advantages of sites include:

  • Custom page layouts based on your content.
  • Faster load times.
  • Higher level of security (no server-side code or database to hack).
  • Lower cost of construction and maintenance.

However, sites do have some technical limitations. Depending on your needs, we may need to upgrade your project to a web application. A web application changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically. Dynamic pages are generated by server-side scripts that pull information from a database and then compile the results into standard HTML and CSS that web browsers understand.

If anyone needs to sign into your website, Cascading Media classifies it as a web application. If no one needs to sign in, we classify it as a site. In other words, sites provide one-way communication, site to users, and web applications have the ability to listen and then respond to individual users.

Please see Technologies for technical information describing how Cascading Media builds sites and web applications.

Cascading Cloud

Cascading Cloud

After your site or web application is ready to be shared with the world, you will need a place to host it. Cascading Cloud is a proactively managed hosting service that has been built specifically for your web application. Unlike traditional managed hosting services, Cascading Cloud maintains the server(s) plus the codebase that power your web application.

All Cascading Cloud Plans Include

  • Credits Toward Future Web Development Services
  • Automated Data Backup Services
  • Continuous Security Updates
  • Nginx Web Server Acceleration
  • Incredible Hardware & Network Services
    • High-Performance SSD RAID Storage
    • 1Gb/sec Network Interface
    • Hex Core Machines with Dedicated ECC Memory
    • Advanced CDN, DNS & Security Services via CloudFlare
  • Your Choice of 5 Global Datacenters
    • US East, US West, London, Amsterdam & Singapore

For simple sites, Cascading Cloud plans start as low as $149 per year and are customized for more advanced web applications.

Responsive Email Newletters

Email Newsletters

Once your website is live on Cascading Cloud, it is time to spread the word with an email newsletter. A newsletter that has been handcrafted to match the style, tone and message of your brand can drive targeted traffic to your website that quickly converts to increased awareness, revenue or any number of business objectives.

Any Device or Mail Client

Your subscribers read email on a broad range of devices using a countless number of mail clients. This is why we craft your newsletters so they can be read anywhere on any device. Gone are the days where you had to choose between Microsoft Outlook and optimization for smartphones and tablets. Cascading Media uses a solid grid system that blends flexibility and stability so your readers can view your newsletters perfectly, from wherever they might be.